Durgeshan Naiker


XGSLab Release 6.4.1 Enhanced performances: up to 20 times faster than the previous release. New automatic report, exportable in many formats like rtf, pdf, xls, html. New pictures management in a “Gallery” window. Rearrangement of main menu icons, in order to get better sequence in the step by step Data Input and in order to […]

GSLab Promo

GSLab 6.0.1 Release * New module AGSA_FD for interference and magnetic field calculation for both systems  (aerial and buried) * Great improvement of the stability of the software * New distribution figures for Electromotive Force (GSA_FD and AGSA_FD) * Input of arrays of horizontal spans implemented * Faster “All Elements” picture generation (GSA_FD and AGSA_FD) […]