To serve the needs of our client’s maintenance teams and departments, iEngineering Australia offers an advanced Computerised Maintenance Management System/Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS-EAM).

Carl Software is the top most maintenance management software company in the European market for specialists (comparison of revenue in France for companies specialised in this field), and have in business for almost 30 years. Carl Software products are used by tens of thousands of users in Europe and around the world, and in all fields of business.


CARL Software comes in 4 different verticalisations, each one customised for a different application. They include;

  • CARL Software- Factory (Industrial & Technical Equipment)
  • CARL Software- Facility (Hotels & Real Estate)
  • CARL Software- Healthcare Institution (Hospitals & Pharmacies)
  • CARL Software- Transport System & Infrastructure (Bus & Railways)

Basic modules & functionality include;

  • Asset Management
  • Work Order Management (Breakdown, Preventative, Statutory)
  • Spares Inventory Management
  • Condition Monitoring Functionalities
  • TPM Module to Calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Resource & Subcontractor Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Reporting Systems & Dashboards

In addition to the above, there is a dedicated mobile solution for field technicians called Carl Touch – an add-on feature where work (jobs or work order) can be send to technicians via android smart devices (Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Tab etc). Information that can be transmitted include, tasks, maintenance instructions, safety instructions (SWMS, SWP’e etc.), quality check sheets, and GPS location of job.

Travel, work (start, finish and pause time) can be tracked in real time and reports compiled on the smart device itself (via type in text or voice dictation, videos, photos etc uploaded), parts issued to job can be confirmed and reports printed, emailed or synchronized with CARL Source Database.


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