ENGINEERING BASE – a unique platform for Engineering

Engineering Base (EB) is AUCOTEC’s engineering platform for highly efficient Engineering cooperation.  EB is Object Oriented, with SQL Database used in Computer aided Engineering tools (CAE) which offers Electrical, Instrumentation & Power Engineering Solutions for the various Industries.

Create Synergy – Connect Processes:

Cooperative, simultaneous, consistent: AUCOTEC has created a unique platform with Engineering Base: Ideal for leading industry solutions, and adapted to different segments. All disciplines cooperate with high efficiency on one flexible, extensible data model – in one central, reliable database. This pioneering software technology guarantees both high availability and intuitive handling during the process. Engineering Base is interoperable and open, for integration into any company IT system. It is scalable from the international enterprise solution down to the smallest engineering office.

THE solution for sustainable engineering processes:

With its three-layer architecture and central database, Engineering Base very flexibly and efficiently supports work groups in their interdisciplinary cooperation.
The successes in a wide range of industries prove that the open data model is enormously adaptable; the API also allows any required extension to be easily implemented
The intuitive interface ensures short familiarisation periods and efficient use across linguistic and cultural boundaries
The user determines the workflow, and not the system! Engineering Base adapts to each work method. The central data model displays the up-to-date status immediately in each view, regardless of whether the data was entered graphically or alphanumerically.
Microsoft standard components: full integration reduces the time prior to the start of productive engineering with EB.

Embedded in your company IT system:

Link to SAP or Teamcenter for optimum process integration
Easy Office integration for easy data exchange without proprietary interfaces
Open API, for integration, for example, in the in-house manufacturing system
Absolutely accessible, fundamentally flexible

Some advantages of using Engineering Base Software:

–  Reduce the engineering time

– Tight control of Errors

– Save repetitive entry of process Data

– Customizable workflow

– Many more…

EB platform can be implemented for various requirements in all disciplines:








Engineering Base at a glance:


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