NEPLAN – Power System Analysis



NEPLAN 360 – Browser Based Power System Analysis

NEPLAN 360 is the first fully browser based power system analysis tool on the market and offers therefore all advantages of cloud computing. The software does not need to be installed on a specific desktop computer or notebook, but is accessible everywhere through Internet. As a result new licensing models are available for the users.

NEPLAN 360 has the same functionality as the desktop version, used all over the world. As this software, it can be used for the planning of Transmission and Distribution networks, Renewable Energy Systems, Smart Grids and Generation/Industrial Plants, but now the network configuration can be laid over a geographic map improving visualization and the efficiency of planning engineers. A wide range of maps can be used for this purpose like detailed street maps, aerial and satellite images and basically any type of map data available for Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

The software can be used on the Internet in the cloud or in a customer’s Intranet, depending on their hosting place. As a result the network projects are stored in a:

  • Multi-User SQL-Database in the Cloud (Internet)
  • Multi-User SQL-Database in Customer’s Intranet
  • XML File locally

The software includes user administration and can assign different roles to the users.

The calculation modules have the same characteristics as the ones in the desktop version of NEPLAN and can handle symmetrical and unsymmetrical AC and DC networks in the same manner. The following calculation modules now are available:

  • Load Flow and Energy Loss calculation
  • Load Estimator based on Measurements
  • Short circuit
  • Reliability Analysis / Risk Planning
  • Motor Starting
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Over-current Protection
  • Arc Flash Calculation
  • Flicker Analysis
  • Optimal Capacitor Placement
  • Economic Cable Sizing and Thermal Analysis
  • Express Feeder Calculation
  • Optimal Separation Point
  • Optimal Network Restoration Strategy
  • Low Voltage Calculation
  • Investment Analysis
  • Pole Strength Calculation
  • Grounding Design
  • OTHERS on request

The calculation modules can be accessed directly by any external GIS, SCADA or Smart Grid application through the new Web Services.


NEPLAN – Desktop Based Power System Analysis

NEPLAN is a software tool to  analyze, plan, optimize  and simulate electrical, water, gas and  district heating networks. The most  user-friendly graphical user  interface allows the user to perform study cases  very efficiently. The  customizable software has a modular concept and covers  all electrical  aspects in transmission, distribution, generation / industrial   networks. It suits best for

  • Renewable energy system
  • SmartGrid application

because all necessary models and  simulation methods are integrated  with a very high accuracy and performance.  Besides steady state  calculations, power quality and optimization aspects, protection   design, the NEPLAN simulator allows to model wind and solar power plants with  their controls for dynamic simulations (RMS/EMT) in detail and  integrates also  Matlab/Simulink models.

The common database and the  unique C/C++ API simplify the integration of NEPLAN in external applications… Read More

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