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Employee of the month – May 2020

We are very happy to announce our Employee of the Month-May-2020 is awarded to Ms. Vijeta Bharathe. We appreciate her hard work and dedication.

Great News for our XGSLab Users – High performance 3D Vector Graphics

The current graphics in XGSLab 9.5 is based on routines specifically developed in-house, but they only use the CPU resources. In next release XGSLab Rel. 9.6, we will start to implement a new graphic based on OpenGL, the industry standard for high performance 3D vector graphics used in the fields of CAD, virtual reality, scientific [...]

SDS: Protection and Control Module (Secondary Module) Substation Design Suite- Protection and Control Module (Secondary Module) : Inserting and Editing Panel Terminal Strips Check out this video from our Substation Design Suite™ (SDS) Protection & Control on Inserting and Editing Panel Terminal Strips! This video will show you how to quickly insert the terminal strip, changing the tag and location code [...]

Digital Twin Are you looking for new approaches to managing your city’s technical assets and infrastructure?  Digital twin of city assets, serving maintenance. Technological innovations applied to maintenance management: mapping, mobility, BIM, IoT, etc.  For more  information please visit: For enquiries please contact:

Electronic Hybrid Recorder

Hybrid recorder allows digital printout on analog trend or pen traces on 100 mm wide chart paper. the rm10g offers 152 x 152 mm din size panel and the rm10n replaces former model re10 recorder. Features: Contact free feedback potentiometer and input selector Both trend & data logging printouts Dielectrics strength of 2000v between power [...]

Engineering Base: Cooperative by Nature

Cooperative platform Engineering Base – central data management plus intelligent, team-oriented editing In times when we are ordered to work from home and direct communication has become more difficult, AUCOTEC's Engineering Base platform's basic principle of "cooperative by nature" pays off once again. Because the system is "inherently" designed for consistent cooperation, both for different [...]

NEPLAN | Technologies

NEPLAN has a client-server architecture and is able to run in a multi-user environment. >>The User Administration tool allows assigning access rights to the individual users or group of users. >>The software integrates an intelligent data locking mechanism to prevent overriding when working on same part of network. NEPLAN is available in different configurations: NEPLAN [...]

Your partner in Earthing/Grounding, EMFI, and Lightning Design Solutions

With over 20 years of collective experience of our expertise and wide range of Earthing design studies on Solar plants, Substations, Transmission lines, Tower earthing, including Industrial and Commercial sectors iEngineering is helping grounding design professionals and industries to build and optimize their grounding design complying IEEE, IEC, AS/NZS standard & other utility specific requirements. [...]

Milling Plants

iEngineering Plant’s division is the authorized distributor of a wide array of modern agricultural processing equipment. At present we are offering milling equipment for rice, wheat, corn, coffee and various pulses along with packaging plants and spare parts. The management possesses in-depth knowledge and extensive industrial experience in the field of food processing or milling. [...]

Employee of the Month April-2020

We are very happy to announce our Employee of the Month-April-2020 is awarded to Mr. Shubham Bhandwalkar. We appreciate his hard work and dedication.