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Industrial Automation Solutions

iEngineering provides Automation Solutions and are engaged in manufacturing & supply of Roller Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Metal Belt Conveyors, Turning Systems, Special Purpose Machines, Lifting Systems, Storage Systems, Material Handling Equipments and Pick & Place Systems for our clients. We provide customised solutions from Raw Material Warehouses to Product Warehouses in the field [...]

How will you define, design, assess & optimize your grounding system? Still have questions about the GPR or the transferred potentials produced and what measures should be taken to comply with the standards? At iEngineering, we help you design a safe, sustainable and optimised ground grid for your facilities. @parag  @Omkar @malik The prime purpose of grounding systems is: To provide means to carry electric [...]

Sheer Blade for Steel Industries

In order to achieve optimum performance with your shears, you must use the best blades – made from the best steel for your application, heat treated and finished to perfection. Each product is made according to the customer's needs: material to be cut, holes and hardening according to your requests. We use material suitable to guarantee reliability and wear [...]

Smart Grids – Grid Codes NEPLAN (NETwork PLANning) Tool has a client-server architecture and can run in a multi-user environment. It is available in different levels configurations: NEPLAN V10: Standalone application The software application is used for a single user and runs directly on the desktop. NEPLAN V10: Application and database running in the Intranet In this case the software will be [...]

Engineering Base (EB)

Engineering base offers a co-operative platform for complete engineering process design. Are you using multiple software tools in engineering? How fantastic would it be to handle these multiple tasks under single platform? With the modern cloud concept, it is possible to access current data at any time with consistent cooperation between different disciplines despite of [...]

How a decent CMMS/EAM can help Tourism Industry? For more information, kindly watch the video below on CMMS/EAM Software and its benefits. Please also visit Or follow us at: For enquiries please contact

Employee of the Month-July 2020 We are very happy to announce our Employee of the Month-July 2020 is awarded to Ms. ANANDHI S. We appreciate her hard work and dedication.

Hydropower Engineering Studies

Hydropower is one of most stable forms of Renewal Power Generation. There are various types of Hydropower Plants such as Impoundment (Dam), Diversion (Canal), Pumped Storage of different sizes Large, Small and Micro. At iEngineering Group, we can assist in planning & designing of Hydropower Projects by providing following services: Identification of potential hydro project [...]

Why is XGSLab considered as one of The Best Earthing/EMFI Design Software in the World ? Following are the points are to be considered Equipped with advanced features & cost effective. Programmed in convenient C# language. Provided with Parallel Computing & Electrical Acceleration. Accuracy in calculation. XGSLab upcoming Rel.V 9.6 With our XGSLab Software we have performed Speed Test & achieved much faster simulation than ever before. We have reached [...]

Earthing Design Solutions In assessing which conductor material and what conductor size or what maximum allowable temperature limit needs to be applied in individual earthing design situations, the final choice should always reflect the considerations of Selection of conductors, Choice of materials, Conductor sizing factors etc. At iEngineering we can help you with a sustainable, cost effective [...]