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NEPLAN 360 – Smart Power Analysis Tool   NEPLAN 360 can run on any platform remotely. It can analyse the steady-state or transient performance of the power system under various operating conditions. The Load Flow calculation is the most fundamental analysis module for Distribution, Transmission, Generation and Industrial Networks. Any type of electrical power system can be modelled, such AC and [...]

Employee of the Month-January 2021   We are very happy to announce our Employee of the Month-January 2021 is awarded to Mr. Parag Shelar. We iEngineering Group appreciate his hard work and dedication.

Color / Grain Sorter Machine

  HIGH RELIABILITY With newly and more rational closed design of pulses and rice machinery, for dust-proof this totally meet the requirements of the food machinery. The mechanical structure of pulses machinery is designed for reliability and stability, introducing the cooling system the service life and stability of the machinery. The electrical and optical design [...]

How will you define, design, assess & optimize your grounding system ?   Still have questions about the Split factor or EPR study and what measures should be taken to comply with the standards ? At iEngineering, we help you design a safe, sustainable, and optimized ground grid for your facilities. Parag Shelar Omkar Shinde Split factor is an important term to be determined when we have [...]

Tougher Situation can be easily handled with a “SWITCH ON “of the Backup Power GENSET   For areas more prone to cyclone and unpredictable weather more and more people should have a Backup Generator to minimize power disruption. When we are hit with a major natural disaster then our local power utilities tries to restore power ASAP by repairing or replacing damaged assets. This is not an easy task. [...]

Solar Wind Hybrid System   The Hybrid Solar-Wind Turbine solution harnesses both sunlight and wind energy to provide higher power output. The system is designed and optimized for both ON and OFF-grid applications. We manufacture best quality Solar-Wind Hybrid (SWH) turbines ranging from 500 watts to 20 kW power solutions. The Solar-Wind Hybrid (SWH) systems can be customised [...]

Substation Design Suite (P&C): Intelligent and Automated Schematics   AutoCAD electrical and SDS toolkit provides ways to create intelligent and automated schematics. SDS toolkit provides real time error checking comparing the number of insertions with the catalogue part number and allows us to make the change. Also, SDS toolkit allows users to reuse the information again and again which has once created [...]

Electromagnetic Simulation for Power, Grounding And Lightning Protection Systems   We understand COVID outbreak impact on business in past days. For Electrical Field Industry we have solution for your effective business The XGSLab considered as one of the best Earthing Design Software in the world. Electromagnetic Simulation for Power, Grounding And Lightning Protection Systems XGSLab (or shortly XGS) is one of the most [...]

Electrical Design In The Engineering Base Plant Solution   From circuit diagram creation to cabinet design and standard conversion: the cooperative and integrated Engineering Base (EB) platform provides the basis for the electrical design of highly complex plants that meet the requirements of Industry-4.0. For more info visit For enquiries, please contact

Carl Source 6 : a new version oriented towards the future   A CMMS package satisfying all the requirements of a company should be just as essential as the telephone or the maintenance technician’s toolbox. Furthermore, you can also visit Or follow us at: For enquiries, please contact