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Solar & Wind Hybrid Solution

  This Hybrid Wind Turbine solution harnesses both sunlight and wind energy to provide higher power output. The system is designed and optimized for both on and off-grid applications. We supply best quality Solar wind hybrid (SWH) turbines ranging from 500watts to 20 kw (off grid) power solutions. The Solar Wind- Hybrid (SWH) systems can [...]

Employee of the Month-October 2020   We are very happy to announce our Employee of the Month-October 2020 is awarded to Mrs.Soma Mishra. We iEngineering Group appreciate her hard work and dedication.

Carl Source CMMS / EAM CARL Source has been completely overhauled to suit today’s new maintenance and asset management requirement. Furthermore, you can also visit Or follow us at For enquiries please contact

XGSLab Full Wave Approximation Solver

  Do you want to see XGSLab full wave solver?   The XGSLab software modules are based on the field theory and essentially on: Maxwell equations Green functions Sommerfeld integrals Fourier transforms The numerical method implemented is based on a full-wave PEEC (Partial Element Equivalent Circuit) method. Please refer to these important methods where our [...]

Substation Design Suite: Working with Brownfield Substations Substation Design Suite is the modern substation design software that satisfies all the requirements of substation design with its automated design tools. In the following video, you will be watching how simple it is to modify the existing brownfield substation 2D drawing as per our requirement. For more video, you can visit our YouTube [...]

How combination of Technologies can help Telecom Industry?   For more information, kindly watch the video below on how we can combine Carl CMMS/EAM Software with Drone Technologies to benefits Telecom Industries. Furthermore, you can also visit Or follow us at: For enquiries please contact

Basic knowledge on Automation Controls   Automation is not about replacing humans with machines but rather making it easier for the team to work in a high-quality manner by reducing the wastage and error. It helps in increasing the safety of operators, reliability of plants and profitability of an organisation. In automation various tests are executed with tools and [...]

Employee of the Month-September 2020 We are very happy to announce our Employee of the Month-September 2020 is awarded to Ms.Shamal Dhenge. We iEngineering Group appreciate her hard work and dedication.

XGSLab is simply the Best

Do you want to see calculated results on Google Earth®? Please refer to this important new feature with Google Earth®, where our XGSLab version 9.5 can export results to Google Earth®. Google Earth® can help to see results in the real world and this can be useful in case of very large systems. For instance, [...]

Earthing Design   Want to complete Earthing Study but having difficulties in Earthing Design calculations? Have concerns about  permissible short circuit current or in sizing conductor cross section. The Earthing Studies are usually done to: To provide fault current return path, the calculation of Predictable Fault current and its distribution will help you to do the [...]