Electric Vehicle & EV Charging Station

Make a sustainable transport future a reality for your organization. Our integrated package of charging infrastructure, on-site energy and software solutions help you become a more sustainable business.

our global expertise and technology to deliver an end-to-end solution that helps organizations make the transition faster, simpler and more cost effective. EV Enablement provides a solution for return-to-base fleets, bus depots, workplace charging, and public spaces, helping them make a practical contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

EV solves the complex problems organizations face when implementing electric vehicles.







Single supplier for EV transition 

  • Strategic assistance for fleets, bus depots, workplace charging, and public space
  • Simplified access to all components required for EV installation and management
  • Modular package design that adapts to your unique site requirements
  • Life-cycle infrastructure support, from charger procurement and on-site energy to optimization services

End-to-end managed service

  • Integrated strategy including project scope, design, installation, operation and maintenance
  • Financing for additional energy infrastructure to meet updated power requirements
  • Driver app and charge point utilization software to ensure visibility of charge points
  • Ongoing operational support, including call center and in-app functionality
  • Energy infrastructure integration
  • Optimize grid supply with renewable on-site generation and battery storage
  • Enhance sustainability and cost savings with device-level Energy Insight sensors
  • Generate revenue and unlock flexible energy value with Demand Response
  • EV is supported by our expert teams who work with your organization to define and implement a plan of action that maximizes value and delivers on your sustainability ambitions